Bioclimatic Pergola Roofs

Perfect for any environment and fit to resist various weather conditions year-round, the bioclimatic pergolas, designed and made by SUNART, are the right solution to protect outdoor areas. The bioclimatic pergola roofs are structures made with tilting blades, which rotate, therefore letting sunlight in and creating an airflow that keeps the area beneath it cool. The aluminum blades that make up the roof of the structure are motorized and can rotate from the horizontal position (closed) up to being open, ranging from 0° to 135°.  Rainwater is drained to the ground through the legs and the area under the bioclimatic pergola stays safe and protected. An innovative novelty makes it unique: the internal insulation of the blades with expanded polystyrene, which considerably reduces sound energy generated from the impact of the rain on the blades. The bioclimatic pergola roofs are modular and can meet any architectural and design needs.



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