Retractable Pergola Roofs


PERGOTECH PERGOLA ROOF Allows you to find changing seasons and comfort environment in outdoor experience with strong, wide and elegant design of SUNART  line.

  •  System has been designed with 1200 cm front and 1000 cm forward opening and 96 m2 single part without requirement of queen post.
  •  Movement is provided with 3 carrying rails up to 900 cm front size and 4 carrying rails from 900 cm up to 1200 cm for each module.
  •  Rail with carrier is eloxal aluminium and is sized 120 mm x 160 mm. It has high carriage capacity.
  •  System from connection is mounted on aluminium front axis with the size of 150 mm x 150 mm thickness 3 mm and its front connection is made with 120 mm  x 120 mm 3 mm thickness poles.
  •  There is downspout in the 150 mm x 150 mm front axis. It is drainage is provided from 120 mm x120 mm poles and aesthetic and perfect water drainage is provided.


PERGOTECH PERGOLA ROOF has wide fabric and pattern range providing different function and appearance with imported and domestic fabrics in high quality at European standards.

  •  System fabric; SIONEN pvc-based BLACK-OUT fabric is used. (Made in Spain)
  •  Fabric consists of three layers and it provides heat isolation and protection from hazardous rays of the sun such as UVA and UVB owing to the mid-film layer.
  •  Total weight of BLACK-OUT fabric is 898 gr/m2 UNE-EN ISO 2286-2/V1
  •  BLACK-OUT fabric is non-flammable and non-combustible.
  •  It is resistant against -30 C cold and +70 C hot temperatures. DIN53361
  •  The fabric has water-proof specification.
  •  Fabric is mounted to the system from all axles with channelled pvc.
  •  Isolation is provided with seal and cable channel applied to the side section. Seal and brush system on the carrier rail provides imperviousness from right and left sides.


Somfy motors as world leader in the field are used in all of our products. Motors using RTS technology have the warranty for 5 years and practically controlled with remote controller.

  •  System has characteristic of automatic opening-closing.
  •  In automation, French SOMFY motor and remote control system are used. It has 5-year warranty.
  •  System movement is provided with T10 steel wire time belt. Italian ELATECH 1st class belt is used.
  •  Front locomotive aluminium profile providing system movement is sized 50 x 80 mm and intermediary profiles have section of 50 x 33 mm. Each profile carrier rail is moved with 6 wheel car.
  •  Maintenance of system, mechanism and tent is provided by rear-galvanized electrostatic painted trapeze.
  •  Belt tension box has setting feature and it is covered.
  •  The system is resistant against 70 nw wind and 30 cm snow load.
  •  The system has been designed suitable with 4 season conditions
  •  The system appearance; it can be painted with all rale colours or can be covered with wooden tile.
  •  All the system is aluminium and technical materials have been manufactured from galvanized material and painted with electrostatic furnace.


     Motor system has the warranty for 5 years. Mechanical system has the warranty of 2 years. Our products are CE and ISO certified.




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